Orange Blossom Hand Engraved Wedding Rings

“Your purity equals your loveliness”

The orange blossom, with its symbols of virtue, chastity and innocence, has been a traditional wedding flower worn by brides for many centuries.

The use of orange blossom in a wedding ceremony has its cultural origins in China. The custom journeyed West during the 11th and 12th centuries when Crusaders witnessed brides’ orange blossom garlands at wedding ceremonies.

It was when Queen Victoria wore a wreath of orange blossom on her wedding day in 1840 that the orange blossom truly became an essential part of any wedding. Indeed a bride would not be seen without the sweet scented blossom that was thought to bring a promise of love. Orange Blossom Wedding Ring With its uncomplicated white form, it is easy to see why this flower was adopted as an integral symbol of a wedding. While today it may not be seen as a must have, the delicate white blossom is still a popular choice for wedding bouquets, garlands, floral displays as well as appliqué on wedding dresses. Our collection of orange blossom engraved wedding rings, handcrafted in Hatton Garden, are based on traditional Victorian designs. The wedding rings feature the delicate orange blossom encircling the bands, often framed with traditional millegrain borders. The hand-engraved wedding rings come in a choice of platinum, 18ct gold, 9ct gold or palladium. All our wedding rings are handmade to order and can be ordered online or custom made to your exact specifications. Orange Blossom wedding ring in 18ct yellow goldOrange Blossom Wedding Ring in platinum Browse all our orange blossom wedding rings here > Orange Blossom Wedding Rings from London Victorian Ring Co