Brushed Men's Wedding Bands

Discover our collection of brushed finish men's wedding bands, offering a unique blend of classic styles and unconventional designs. Our brushed platinum men's wedding bands can also be customised in your choice of metal, including 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold or two-tone mixed metal. We offer personalised options for your brushed wedding ring, allowing you to customise details such as width to match your preferences.


Gold and platinum men's wedding bands in Hatton Garden, London or online

Men's Brushed Wedding Rings

Each ring is made in the UK, in London's renowned Hatton Garden using traditional jewellery techniques and hallmarked for your guarantee of metal purity. The brushed texture is created by using a specialized tool to apply parallel lines on the metal surface, resulting in a distinct and textured appearance. Based in the exclusive location of the London Diamond Bourse, we provide a unique experience for our clients. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you to find your matt finish wedding band. Order online or contact us at 020 7193 4412 to schedule an appointment and let us help you find the perfect brushed men’s wedding ring for you.

Frequently asked Questions

A men's wedding band with a brushed finish is made by creating a fine texture on the metal surface using abrasive materials. It results in a subtle, textured appearance with parallel lines, offering a unique and elegant look to your wedding ring.

A satin finish is a smooth and semi-reflective surface texture on your men's wedding ring. It's created by using abrasives to create a soft, muted appearance that's not as reflective as a polished finish, giving the ring a sophisticated and understated charm.

A matt (or matte) finish is a non-reflective surface that appears dull and velvety. It's achieved by using abrasives to create a texture that scatters light, resulting in a subdued and contemporary appearance for your men's wedding band.