Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Have you been searching for a stunning engagement ring with a hint of colour? Aquamarine is a blue gem that will add a refreshing hue to your engagement set. Known for their cool blue colouring, paired with exquisite clarity, an aquamarine engagement ring makes an eye-catching choice for today’s modern woman. This March birthstone takes its name from the Latin “aqua” for water and “marine” for the sea. Vintage aquamarine engagement rings make an ideal choice for anyone with a strong affinity towards water or the sea. Aquamarine is the gemstone for your 19th wedding anniversary. The blue colour of aquamarine lent itself to the natural motifs and pastel colours of Art Nouveau jewellery. The discovery of an enormous 243-pound aquamarine crystal in Brazil in 1910 led to the rise in popularity of this blue gem. Aquamarine was prolifically used in Art Deco rings of the 1920s and 1930s and remains a favourite today. 


Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family of gemstones and its colour is due to traces of iron in the gemstone. The colour is green-blue to blue with the most desirable colours a vivid to pastel blue. Aquamarine has always been desired by people selecting a gemstone with a lighter shade of blue. The natural gemstone is a greeny-blue colour but this shade is seldom seen today except in antique jewellery. Most aquamarines have been heated to remove the green tones. This treatment is stable and permanent and does not affect the value. With their icy, blue colour, aquamarine makes a perfect match with white metals like platinum and white gold. Add a delicate sparkle with the addition of diamond accents. These elements combine to create an aquamarine diamond engagement ring that will be admired for a lifetime.

Clarity and Cut

Many aquamarine gemstones are eye-clean, meaning the gems do not contain any inclusions or blemishes visible to the naked eye. Because of their fantastic clarity, many aquamarine rings utilise rectangular step cuts to accentuate the gemstone’s clarity. While emerald cut aquamarine engagement rings remain a favourite, aquamarine cushion cut rings are also popular for enhancing the gem’s natural colour. Well-cut aquamarines ensure the stone exhibits a delicate brilliance and sparkle. The London Victorian Ring Co offers the highest quality stones in a variety of cuts from emerald-cut to round and oval-cut and everything in between. Our aquamarines display exceptional clarity and are eye-clean gems.  


Aquamarines naturally form in giant crystals, relatively clean from blemishes or inclusions. Some of the most significant examples of aquamarine, like the Dom Pedro carved aquamarine obelisk in the Smithsonian museum, weigh upwards of 10,000-ct. The availability of large, eye-clean aquamarine stones makes them an affordable option. If you are looking for an engagement set with a generous centre stone of one carat or more, an aquamarine engagement ring set makes an excellent choice.


Aquamarines have been found in many different locations across the globe, but the largest supplier of gem-quality aquamarine comes from the pegmatites in Brazil. Blueish-green aquamarine crystals were first discovered in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil over 300 years ago. Another prominent source of today’s fine quality aquamarine is Mozambique. Gem quality aquamarines have also been found in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar and Pakistan. While the origin of your aquamarine may be an interesting fact, it does not play a vital factor in an aquamarine’s value. Countries and specific mines may be renowned for producing fine-quality gems, but origin names are most often used to refer to particular gem colours rather than the locations where the gems were mined. We use the finest quality aquamarine sourced mainly from Brazil and Mozambique.


While there is no standard grading system for aquamarines, most suppliers rate aquamarine on an ‘A’ scale. AAA stones represent the highest quality gems that exhibit the best cut, colour, and clarity. The London Victorian Ring Co uses the highest quality AA and AAA gems in our vintage style aquamarine engagement rings. We carefully select each aquamarine to ensure consistently eye-clean, blue gemstones, with an excellent cut that brings out the gem’s natural beauty. 

Frequently asked Questions

Aquamarine is believed to symbolise harmony, courage, youth and eternal love. Aquamarine has always had a strong connection to water and is an ideal choice for the adventurous soul who has an affinity towards the sea. Sailors, fishermen and travellers have long worn aquamarine as a talisman for protection.

Yes! An aquamarine ring makes a fantastic choice for everyday wear. As part of the Beryl family, aquamarine rates 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is a durable gem that can withstand daily wear.

We always recommend removing your jewellery before showering and any activities such as DIY, gardening or housework that involves harsh chemicals.

Aquamarine makes an excellent choice for more than those looking for a March birthstone engagement ring. Known for its tranquil blue colour and outstanding natural clarity, an aquamarine engagement ring set will add a unique hint of colour for the modern woman who is looking for something different.

Aquamarine when mined are usually blue-green in colour. Most aquamarines gemstones have been heated to remove the green tones. This treatment is stable and permanent and does not affect the value. Heating to improve colour is an accepted aquamarine enhancement within the fine jewellery sector.

Like most gemstones, you can clean your aquamarine jewellery with warm soapy water, a soft-bristled brush and dry with a soft cloth. Store your jewellery in the original ring box away from your other jewellery or a lined box when not being worn.

Do NOT use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner with your aquamarine jewellery, as these can crack and damage the gem.