Ultimate Guide to Women's Wedding Rings & Bands | How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for Women

Your wedding preparations are underway and the time has come to choose your rings. In this exciting time, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. Let our guide to types of women's wedding rings & bands lead the way.

What women's wedding ring / band styles are there?

Think of a wedding band and a traditional polished style may come to mind. Yet there are many different types of wedding rings from which to choose.
Straight bands are a classic, with a wide range of profiles, widths, and finishes to personalise. A plain wedding band is a timeless choice, perfect for those with classic or minimalist tastes.

example of women's wedding ring - straight band

2mm Platinum Court Wedding Ring 

A hand-engraved band is an attractive option for those women seeking a more decorative wedding ring. We have a unique range of patterned rings, each hand-engraved in Hatton Garden by master artisans.

example of women's wedding ring - engraved band

2mm Scroll Pattern Hand Engraved Wedding Ring in Platinum

Different types of women's wedding bands include diamond set styles. In addition, half-eternity bands and full-eternity bands are now popular choices as wedding rings.

example of women's wedding ring - eternity band

One Carat Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum with 15 Stones

Of course, not all women's engagement rings pair well with a traditional wedding band. A shaped or wishbone wedding ring helps create a seamless look with large or lower set centre stones.

example of women's wedding ring - shaped band

2mm Engraved Wishbone Wedding Ring in Platinum

What is a shaped wedding band?

Women's engagement rings with large, multiple, or shaped stones will often not sit flush with a straight band. Low-set engagement rings may also need a shaped wedding band. A curved or shaped wedding band will help avoid significant gaps between your rings. 
Our collection of shaped women's wedding bands gently curves around the central gemstones in your engagement ring. We have designed our shaped wedding rings to match the depth and width of vintage and modern designs.

women's engagement ring with large stone

 2mm Curved Wedding Band with Flat Profile


Wishbone or V-Shape Wedding Rings

One of the ideal wedding band shapes is the wishbone. The shape of a wishbone or v-shape wedding ring can fit nicely around your engagement ring. We have a selection of wedding rings to try on, and if they do not fit perfectly with your unique engagement ring, our talented workshop will create the wedding ring shape to perfectly complement your ring.

women's wishbone and v shaped wedding rings and bands

Engraved Wishbone Diamond Wedding Ring in Platinum

What is a wedding ring profile? 

Imagine slicing a wedding ring in half. The profile is the shape of the cross-section you would see.
The D-shape profile is one of the most traditional options. As the name suggests, it is domed on top and flat underneath. Fans of a D-shape wedding ring love the deep and rounded shape. This style is for you if your engagement ring has a D-shape band.

d shaped women's wedding rings

The Court profile is a modern classic and one of the most comfortable profiles. Slightly curved on both top and bottom, its soft shape slips on and off the fingers easily. Thanks to rounded inside edges, it feels great to wear, even in larger widths.

womens wedding ring with court profile


A Flat Court is a sleek take on the classic court, with a flat top and a rounded inside edge. The flat court wedding ring offers minimalist chic with the comfort of a court.

womens wedding ring with flat court profile

The profile you choose for your wedding band comes down to personal preference. However, if the wedding ring is worn with your engagement ring, you may wish to match both bands' profile style and depth.

Which is the best wedding ring width for women? 

Wedding rings are generally offered in widths 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm, with this choice another personal decision. We also have 2.5mm or 3.5mm bands, so you will be spoilt for choice.

image of womens wedding ring widths

Pairing your engagement ring with a similar-width wedding band creates a balanced look. However, if you wish your bridal stack to look chunkier, a wider wedding ring creates a bolder effect.
You may find a wider wedding ring more balanced if your fingers are larger or longer. Those with small fingers may feel more comfortable in a delicate style. If you are not wearing your wedding ring with an engagement ring, you may choose to wear a little wider in style.
Do you hope to add an eternity ring one day? You may want to choose a wedding ring that is not too wide, so a full stack will still be proportional and comfortable.

What metals are best for women's wedding rings? 

Women's plain and diamond wedding rings are available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

womens wedding ring in rose gold

Rose Gold Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

Platinum and 18ct gold are the perfect options for wedding rings. These precious metals are hypoallergenic and ideal for wear every day. Gold has been used in jewellery for thousands of years. We can see yellow gold rings in museums to show the durability of this metal. Platinum has been available for mass use in jewellery for just over a hundred years. As the harder metal, platinum is a perfect choice if you are concerned about wear.

womens wedding ring in silver with milligrain

2mm Platinum Engraved Wedding Ring with Millegrain Edging

If you are wearing your wedding band with an engagement ring, you may choose to match the metals to create a cohesive bridal set.

Brides with a gold engagement ring should choose a gold wedding band, and those with a platinum engagement ring should choose platinum. As gold is softer than platinum, stacking both metals together risks damaging the gold.

women's 2.5mm Full Diamond Eternity Ring in 18 carat Yellow Gold

 2.5mm Full Diamond Eternity Ring in 18 carat Yellow Gold

Can you make a bespoke wedding ring / band if I cannot find the type of wedding ring I want? 

There are many types of women's wedding bands to choose from, but if you cannot find the perfect piece, a bespoke ring might be the answer.
If you want to match a modern or vintage engagement ring, our workshop can customise one of our existing designs or make a new wedding band for you.
We have made thousands of bespoke women's wedding rings and can tweak any design elements to craft your perfect piece. We can add diamonds and gemstones, create any design in the width and profile of your choice, or even customise our hand-engraved patterns.

Frequently asked Questions

You can wear your wedding ring with love every day. But, like any piece of fine jewellery, a little care will keep it beautiful for longer.  

We recommend taking your ring off for manual activities such as going to the gym, doing sports, DIY, or cleaning. Find out more in our jewelery care guide

Your wedding ring choice can reflect your unique personality, relationship, and lifestyle. Some couples love to take the romantic step of creating a matching or harmonious ring set. For those who wish to do so, there are plenty of choices!

We can create the same wedding ring style in different sizes or widths. You could also match the surface finish, with each ring decorated with a coordinating texture or pattern.

Even if you choose different rings, you can add personal details in a subtle or hidden way. For instance, engrave the date of your wedding or first meeting on the inside. 

There is no ideal cost for a wedding ring. The amount you spend is your choice when considering your budget and the style of ring you like.

The cost of a women's wedding ring differs by style and materials chosen. For example, a diamond-studded wedding ring will cost more than a plain band.

We can help you find the perfect option if you have a specific budget. Our prices range from around £500 to £1800, depending on the design.