These central diamonds are in the top percentage of diamonds being sold today. They have high specifications and are independently graded by the GIA, one of the most respected diamond grading laboratories worldwide.

Here’s more:

  • Each diamond has been individually examined and verified by us.

  • All diamonds are immediately available to view in London.

  • Clarity is always within the eye-clean grades of VVS1 to SI1 – there are no visible inclusions to the unaided eye.

  • Cut – Excellent or Very Good grade

  • Polish – Excellent or Very Good grade

  • Symmetry – Excellent or Very Good grade

  • Colour – D, E, F, G – only the top 4 colour grades

  • You receive the original GIA diamond grading report.

  • Diamonds weighing less than 1 carat are laser inscribed on the diamond girdle so you know that you have received the correct diamond.

  • All diamonds are guaranteed conflict free.

  • Do we reject some diamonds even with the right certificate grades? – Yes, we inspect each diamond and reject diamonds every day. We accept only the best to offer our clients.

How do we know which diamonds are right?

  • Our team includes an FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Society of Great Britain). Each of our team has gemmological training.

  • We are members of the London Diamond Bourse, the largest diamond trading organization in the UK.

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