Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover our laboratory grown diamond vintage rings collection. The engagement ring collection features a range of shapes and styles, and you can choose the carat weight that is right for you. From round, emerald and asscher cut in Art Deco and Edwardian styles, this collection blends modern innovation with a timeless elegance. Our unique rings are based on original designs from the 1920’s and 1930’s and are true to the designs from their eras.

Why Buy Lab Grown Diamonds?

Laboratory-grown diamonds are produced over a number of weeks using High Pressure High Temparature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The colour of diamonds will be same as the natural mined diamonds though the inclusions are slightly different due to their manufacturing process. It is very difficult to see the differences between laboratory grown diamonds and natural diamonds. In order to detect the differences you would need professional verification instruments. 

A laboratory-grown diamond can allow you to choose a larger diamond at a lower price point without compromising on style or quality. Our unusual lab-grown diamond ring collection features diamonds of the highest colour grade, 'D,' renowned for their exceptional whiteness. Each diamond in our collection has excellent specifications, ensuring bright and lively gemstones of the highest quality. Prefer a different quality diamond, please get in touch. Your centre diamond will come with either an IGI or GIA Certificate and the side diamonds will be matched for the colour and clarity.

Selecting Your Lab Grown Engagement Ring

Select from an array of vintage designs and customise your carat weight to find your perfect match from our collection. Prefer bespoke? We can offer lab grown diamond alternatives for all our online ring designs or we can create a bespoke ring to suit your preferences. To find out more, book a complimentary appointment to view and try on our rings in Hatton Garden, London.