Citrine Rings

Visit us to plan your citrine engagement ring and design a ring that will stand out from the crowd. This gemstone is the yellow variety of quartz and can be fashioned into round, emerald cut or other geometric shapes.

We think about the Art Deco era when hand cutting gave way to machine cutting with its precise shapes. Emerald-cut citrines, with their lovely yellow colour, could contrast with darker gemstones or else glisten together with other translucent gemstones and surrounding diamonds. Going back to the 1800s, citrines were carved into intaglios to be used as seals with their owner’s crest or coat of arms. The Art Nouveau jeweller sought a sensuous and meaningful design in metal. They chose to accent their jewels with semiprecious gemstones such as citrine.

Now in the 21st century, choose a citrine for many reasons. It makes a lovely big stone if you want a big ring to impress. Choose it for its colour ranging from pale yellow to brownish orange. It is November’s birthstone and the gemstone to celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary.

Choose a citrine ring because they are beautiful. And that’s a very good reason.

Citrine Engagement Rings