Ruby Rings

Ruby has always been a desirable gemstone as it has all the properties a valuable gem should possess: rarity, a superb pure colour, outstanding hardness and excellent brilliance. Good quality rubies in large sizes are the most valuable of all coloured gemstones. Choose to enjoy this magnificent stone for a lifetime in your ruby ring.

The Colour of Luxury

Red is the colour of fire and blood and therefore a ruby is linked to the emotions of love, ardour and liveliness. The gem glows with an intense warmth and wearing a ruby can express a passionate, unrestrained love. Rubies occur in many different shades of red from deep, rich red to a colour with overlays of orange, brown, pink or purple. The gem’s name is derived from the word ruber, the historic Latin term for red. Ruby engagement rings are an ideal choice for women who love red.

Exclusivity with Style

Visit us to browse our exclusive collection of ruby rings in Hatton Garden London. You will also see a handpicked selection of rubies to create your own ring by either using one of our many unique and unusual designs, or in a bespoke ruby jewel customised to your preferences. If you are unable to visit, please contact us to talk through your requirements. To make an appointment or ask any questions, please contact us on 020 7193 4412 or e-mail us.

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