Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings in 2024 - Understanding the Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

We are often asked ‘where should I start?’ when choosing a men’s wedding ring / band. Many men have never worn a ring before and it can be a new experience trying on rings. 

We want you to find your perfect ring that reflects your style in 2024 and that you will feel comfortable wearing. 

In this guide, we will take you through some of the questions you may have about the different types of wedding rings for men from ring profiles to metal choices, widths and styles available with a view to giving you a complete guide to the types of men's wedding bands/rings.

Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Which ring profile should I choose?

The profile refers to the shape of the ring. The shape of the ring can influence the overall style of the ring and how it sits on your finger. The profile is easily seen through a cross-section of the ring. There are five main types of wedding band profiles:


D-shaped men’s wedding rings feature a domed or rounded exterior profile with a flat inside surface. This profile allows for a snug fit that sits flush with the finger.

5mm D-Shape Mirror Polish Ring in Yellow Gold - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

D-shaped rings are flat on the inside and domed on the outside.


Court shaped rings have a slightly rounded curve on both the exterior and interior of the ring. The comfortable, easy to wear shape is one reason why court shaped rings remain one of the most popular types of men’s wedding bands. The court profile is known as the ‘comfort-fit’.

5mm Court Profile Mirror Polish Ring in Yellow Gold - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Court shaped bands are slightly rounded on both the inside and outside of the ring.

Flat Court

Flat court bands have a flat exterior profile and a rounded interior. This popular shape combines the modern look of a flat band with the ergonomic comfort of a court band with a rounded interior.

5mm Flat Court Profile Mirror Polish Ring in Yellow Gold - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Flat court wedding bands offer the best of both worlds - modern design and easy wearability.

Soft Court

The soft court profile has a lower rounded exterior in comparison to the regular court profile. The rounded area is more uniform over the width of the ring. The interior has a comfortable, rounded profile. 


6mm Soft Court Mirror Polish Ring in Platinum - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Soft court rings have a modern aesthetic while offering the comfort of a traditional court ring.


Concave bands have a flat interior profile, with the ring’s exterior forming a recessed concave curve. This wedding band shape is ideal for the man looking for something different.

5mm Concave Mirror Polish Ring in Yellow Gold - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Concave wedding rings offer a unique style


Which Metal is Good for a Wedding Ring?

When searching for types of men’s wedding bands, you will find that metals usually fall into two categories: cool metals and warm metals. Cool metals include those with a silver or grey hue, such as platinum, palladium and white gold, while warm metals include yellow gold and rose gold. All precious metals used in jewellery are alloys, or a mix of metals used to increase strength, durability and sometimes colour. Like the ring profile, the metal you choose says something about you, so it should align with your personal preferences and style.


With its bright silvery-white colour, durability, and hypoallergenic properties, platinum men's wedding bands are one of the most popular metal options available. Platinum is a naturally silvery-white colour metal, so it does not require any additional upkeep to retain its colour.

6mm Millegrain Detail Ring in Platinum - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings


Palladium is also a naturally silvery-white colour metal, belonging to the platinum group of metals, and has a slightly darker colour than platinum or white gold. Lighter than platinum and also strong and hypoallergenic, palladium offers an alternative to platinum.

6mm Hammered Finish Ring in Platinum - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Yellow Gold

Yellow is the natural colour of gold. A timeless choice, men's yellow gold wedding rings have a warm hue that suits many styles of bands. Available in 9ct and 18ct, yellow gold needs only routine cleaning and polishing to retain its look.

6mmRing in Yellow Gold with Grooves - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

White Gold

White gold is made by combining pure gold, which is naturally yellow, with an alloy of a white metal such as palladium. This gives the metal the silvery-white colour. The ring is then plated with rhodium to give the final bright silvery finish. It can happen that the rhodium wears away over time. If the metal displays a warm tint in the future, the white gold ring can be re-plated with rhodium and polished to bring it back to new.

6mm Millegrain Detail Ring in Yellow Gold with Grooves - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Rose Gold

Rose gold has a warm pink colour created by adding copper and silver to the gold alloy mix. A relatively new metal option, rose gold men's wedding rings can have a striking effect on its own or as part of a two-tone ring with platinum.

6mm Brushed Finish Ring in Rose Gold with Bevelled Edges and Grooves - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Two Tone

Two tone men's wedding rings feature a mix of two different metals. The most common combinations are platinum and yellow gold or platinum and rose gold. The contrasting colours of the metals create a striking and visually appealing design, making these rings a popular choice for modern grooms looking for unique and stylish wedding jewellery.Platinum and yellow gold two tone men's wedding ring with grooves

Ring Width

Wedding rings are available in different widths. Many men prefer a ring width between 4mm to 6mm, but as with most aspects of ring selection, width is a personal preference. We recommend trying on several types of wedding bands in various widths to see which suits your hand best. As a rule of thumb, wider bands look best on larger hands, while thinner bands complement hands with slim fingers.

Wedding Rings Ranging in Widths from 2mm to 7mm - Types of Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

Ring Size

Selecting the correct ring size is essential for a comfortable fitting wedding band. The best way to measure your ring size is to have your finger sized in person at our office in Hatton Garden or a local jeweller. If you cannot make an in-person sizing, there are several ways to measure your ring size at home. In the UK, rings are sized alphabetically. The sizing convention differs from country to country. See our guide for more information on rings sizes and international ring size conversions.

Style and Finish

The ring’s finish refers to the texture and decoration on the outside of the wedding band. Various finishes can be achieved with different polishing techniques and brushes. Rings can have a uniform finish or decorative features can be used in combination for a unique style.


A classic choice, polished rings have a shiny, mirror-like appearance that shows off the metallic lustre of the metal. Highly polished rings may naturally dull down with age and can be re-polished after a few years to achieve their original shiny appearance.

6mm Flat Court Wedding Ring in Platinum with Mirror Polish

Polished rings have a shiny, mirror-like finish


As the name implies, brushed rings feature a matte, softly etched appearance. Brushed wedding rings have a textured quality created by their characteristic “brush strokes”.

6mm Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Ring with Vertical Brushed Finish and Off-Centre Groove

A brushed finish has a matte appearance characterised by “brush strokes”

Satin (lighter finish than a brushed ring)

Satin rings have a frosty finish with a softer texture and appearance than a brushed ring.

4mm Brushed Satin D-Shape Wedding Band in Platinum

Satin finished rings have a soft, frosted look.


Hammered rings get their distinctive texture from striking the metal with different sized and shaped hammers. The hammered finish ensures that each ring is unique. All metals can be hammered, so you have a choice of gold, platinum or palladium to make the ring special to you.

6mm Hammered Platinum Wedding Band with Yellow Gold Borders

Hammering is a rugged finish that has been used to decorate jewellery for thousands of years.


Millegrain, also known as milgrain, is a metal edge that consists of tiny beads or grains. The technique forms a decorative outer edge and can also be applied within the wedding ring for an unusual decorative feature. This technique came about in the nineteenth century. A small wheel with depressions corresponding to the beads is pressed down on the metal edge until the bead shapes appear. These points of reflected light add to the liveliness of the ring.

5mm Platinum Court Wedding Ring with Brushed Finish and Millegrain (Milgrain)Edges

A millegrain edge can add interesting detail to your wedding band

Hand Engraved

Hand engraving uses specialised tools to carve out decoration on the surface of the ring. Engraved or patterned rings feature a variety of decorative styles, from scrolls to natural motifs. The dramatic impact of a hand engraved wedding ring depends on the skill of the engraver, who is an artist making a ring to be worn by you.

Scroll Pattern Engraved Vintage Design Ring in Yellow Gold

Hand engraved rings display craftsmanship and an eye for design


A bespoke men’s wedding ring gives you the option to express your own unique style. Bespoke rings can be customised with any combination of metals, widths and finishes. Add a touch of colour to your wedding band with gemstones. Diamonds can add sparkle to an otherwise plain men’s wedding ring. If you have been looking for a matched wedding set, bespoke wedding bands are a great way to ensure your ring matches your partner. With bespoke wedding rings, you can make your design ideas become a reality.


Men’s wedding bands vary in price depending on the ring’s metal, width, and finish. Plain men’s bands start from under £500 with patterned rings ranging from £1,000 to £1,500. On average, men spend between £750 to £1,500 on their wedding ring. 

Visit us in Hatton Garden to view and try on our extensive collection of men’s wedding rings. We can advise on different finishes, widths and metals. You will have the opportunity to try on many different styles and find the right design for you.

FAQs about Men's Wedding Bands / Rings

  • Should you wear your wedding ring all the time?
    • It is always best for your jewellery to be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening. You do not need to wear your ring at all times. We recommend removing your ring before swimming, cleaning, DIY, gardening, playing sports or handling chemicals, including household cleaning products. 
  • Which finger do I wear my wedding ring on?
    • In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and North America, wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, often known as the wedding ring finger. This may vary from country to country, such as in Austria, Latvia, Poland, and Norway, where wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. 
  • How long will it take to get used to my wedding ring?
    • If you do not already regularly wear a ring, it may take 3 to 4 weeks for your hand to adjust. Let your hand get used to the ring and wear it in different conditions as your hand size may vary slightly depending on temperature or humidity.
  • Should I match my partner’s wedding ring?
    • Your wedding ring is an extension of you and your style, so first and foremost, you should choose a wedding ring that you like. If you like the style of your partner’s ring, matching wedding rings are available, but they are not a necessity. 
  • Who is supposed to buy the man’s wedding ring? 
    • The purchase of the man’s wedding ring should be agreed upon between you and your partner. Often couples choose to buy wedding rings together. In some cultures, the bride or the bride’s family traditionally purchase or contribute to the wedding rings.
  • How much should you spend on a men’s wedding band
    • There are no set rules for budgeting for a men’s wedding ring. Men usually spend around £750 to £1,800 for a wedding band, but your budget should reflect you and your lifestyle.