Secret Message Floral Bouquet Ring

Inspired by the Victorian 'Language of Flowers', where each flower had a symbolic meaning, our collection of unusual floral rings have hidden romantic messages. Flowers continue to be a way to convey and express complex emotions.

Our unusual Floral Bouquet Ring displays an abundance of lilies, daisies, forget-me-nots and chrysanthemums, together with ivy and lily leaves.

Given as love tokens, the white lilies suggest purity and sweetness, the daisy means innocence, forget-me-not flowers signify true love, red chrysanthemums symbolise 'I love' and the golden leaves that frame the arrangement are a symbol of hope.

Hand engraved and carved, these rings are individually created. Often worn as unique wedding rings, engagement rings or given as romantic rings for special occasions, they are perfect for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day as an alternative to a bouquet.

View our collection of unusual floral rings inspired by the naturalistic movement of the Victorian era.

language of flowers rings | made in londonpurtonhouse_Philippa_sian_photography-163purtonhouse_Philippa_sian_photography-454 Credits: Photography: Philippa Sian Photography Stationary: The Golden Letter