A Romantic Lockdown Proposal Story

Evie and Ryan recently got engaged in January (during lockdown in the UK), and we are pleased to share their story and honoured to be part of Ryan’s marriage proposal. Here, in Evie’s own words, she tells us about how they met, the proposal and her engagement ring. Congratulations to the happy couple!

How We Met    

We met at school. Ryan was in the year above me at school and we mostly spoke online on MSN, and occasionally speaking in the corridor at school. After many months of late night messages, he asked me out in 2010.

Ryan and Evie in 2011

The Proposal

We bought our puppy Loki (a Sprollie – Springer Spaniel x Collie) in July 2020 and ever since have fallen in love with our local woods in Hanham, Bristol. We were decorating the kitchen on Saturday 23rd January when Ryan said “let’s take the dog out in the woods today”. We wandered into the woods and after about half an hour, we bumped into my parents. Dad had a camera in his hand as he is a keen photographer. I didn’t even have time to think, I turned to see Ryan on one knee in the middle of the woods holding this beautiful green box with the most stunning ring. The ring, the surprise, the woods, and the mud-stained knee is something I will NEVER EVER forget and will cherish forever. After popping a bottle of champagne my parents had brought along and raising a paper cup (socially distanced), we were back trekking up the hill of the woods home for lots of Zoom celebrations! We are still very much enjoying this engagement bubble and look forward to celebrating in person with our family and friends.

Ryan proposing to EvieRyan and Evie

The Engagement Ring

I told Ryan in the past how much I love the art deco style, octagon shape, and emerald rings. He told me after proposing that he had been searching for a while and when asking my parents for my hand in marriage, he had told them the ring style he was looking for and it was actually my Dad who had found the ring on the London Victorian Ring Company website then forwarded it to Ryan. I also found out my Mum had been the one to suggest changing the band to yellow gold as that’s what I love. So, it’s perfect as Ryan knew what I wanted, my Dad had found this ring and my Mum had an input too. The engagement ring is so beautiful and so many people who have congratulated us have said how beautiful this ring is. It truly is perfect!

London Victorian Ring Co. Art Deco Style Engagement Ring