Emerald cut engagement rings are an intriguing choice because the large facets of the gemstone appear to let the viewer look inside the stone. Whereas some gemstone shapes encourage the stone to sparkle and exhibit flashes of light, the emerald cut diamonds and stones are an oasis of calm, inviting the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the stone.

Our emerald cut engagement rings collection features many elegant vintage Art Deco inspired rings. We often pair the central diamond with stepped diamond shoulders creating stylish and symmetrical rings in platinum and gold. Find out more about the history of the emerald cut diamond on our blog post.

Would you prefer a custom made emerald cut ring? All rings are made by us in London and we can either customise one of our existing designs to your requirements or create a new design especially for you. Please contact us on 020 7103 4412 or by email to ask any questions or make an appointment.

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