Language of Flowers Collection Illustrative Collaboration with Vanessa Birley Florals

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Vanessa Birley Florals. We had been aware of Vanessa for some time and had admired her creativity not only in her floral arrangements but also in her illustrative artwork. Together we chose the idea of creating a unique illustration inspired by our Language of Flowers Ring Collection

The Victorian era was the renowned age of the flower garden. The romantic Victorians encouraged an entire Language of Flowers, with each flower given symbolic meanings.

Our Victorian inspired Language of Flowers Ring Collection carries hidden romantic messages. We have selected some of our favourite flowers for the designs including forget-me-nots with their meaning of true love, daisies portraying innocence and lilies symbolising purity and sweetness.

Each of the beautifully carved flowers is individually placed on the ring with precision.

Vanessa’s illustration went through several stages from pencil sketch to the detailed painting. The final painted illustration captures the essence and colours of the flowers used in these unique rings. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vanessa for her time and creativity on this collaboration.

Would you like to create a bespoke Language of Flowers ring? Why not capture your wedding bouquet or select your favourite flowers to convey your own secret message. Contact Deborah or Michael on 020 173 4412 to ask any questions or to view the beautiful rings now in stock.

Vanessa Birley illustration Floral rings inspired by the Victorian Language of flowers