How to Choose an Engagement Ring without Your Partner

You know this is the girl for you and now the search for the perfect engagement ring begins. How to begin? You might be one of the lucky ones whose girlfriend has told you the ring she wants or you might have to do more research to find the perfect ring. Has your girlfriend given you any hints? Would your girlfriend like a diamond engagement ring or prefer a coloured gemstone ring? Do you know what style she prefers? These are the questions many men have when choosing an engagement ring. See our top helpful hints to pick the ring without your partner.

1. Has your girlfriend commented on friends’ rings she has loved or disliked? These comments may give an indication of the shape of gemstone (such as round, square, rectangular shape), style (cluster ring, solitaire ring, vintage style ring, engagement ring with diamonds in the band) or metal (platinum, 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold or white gold) your girlfriend prefers. Keep your ears to the ground.

2. Do your research. Have a look at your girlfriend’s social media accounts. If they have a Pinterest or Instagram account, view the style of clothes, jewellery, fashion they like, or pinned, as this can give you a fantastic inspiration board.

3. If it is helpful, don't be afraid to ask advice from close friends or family. The people closest to you both may be able to help you narrow down your criteria such as the metal your girlfriend likes, for instance, should it be 18 carat yellow gold or platinum?

4. The general size of the central gemstone can be influenced by your price guide/budget. Maybe your girlfriend would prefer subtle sparkle rather than a big gemstone. Remember, there are always choices when selecting a diamond or coloured gemstone. With diamonds, selecting a whiter diamond colour over a larger diamond could be your preferred choice once you view the gemstones in person. Remember, bigger is not always better and it is very much what suits the individual wearer.

5. At some point, on the ring search, you will need to trust your instincts.

6. Visit a reputable jeweller who is experienced in advising you about the properties of gemstones as well as the design process. Read reviews on-line or ask friends for recommendations.

7. Don't worry about not knowing the ring size. We also offer one free re-sizing and the ring comes in an average size to start.

8. When in doubt, visit us together to pick the ring. Sometimes clients will come in together and the lady selects two or three ring styles she likes, leaving the final decision to their partner to select the exact design and central gemstone.Finding the perfect engagement ring With thanks to: Photography and Styling PHILIPPA SIAN PHOTOGRAPHY, Photography Assistant ROB THURMOTT, Flowers VIOLETS AND VELVET, Venue WREST PARK, Wedding Dress TRUVELLE, CLAIRE LA FAYE, Bridal Boutique HEART AFLUTTER BRIDAL BOUTIQUE, Wedding Shoes LOVE ART WEAR ART, Hairpieces TILLY THOMAS LUX, Hair and Makeup PATRICIA SOPER, Grom’s Attire GRESHAM BLAKE, Wedding Cake WILDFLOWER CAKES Truffles VILLA DOLCE Dinnerware DUCHESS & BUTLER, Silk Ribbons LANCASTER & CORNISH, CALLIGRAPHY OH WONDER CALLIGRAPHY, Wedding Stationary THE WHISTLE PRESS, Models REBECCA FENNELLY, LUKE FEATHERSTONE