How Does Fashion Influence Jewellery Trends?

As the ultimate accessory, jewellery has always had a special relationship with necklines, hemlines and everything in-between. As the First World War came to an end, the arrival of the 1920s offered a sense of hope and optimism for Europe. The feeling that the world was stepping into a new, more modern future was captured by Art Deco, which was first established in Paris in 1925.

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This all-encompassing style took hold in fashion, jewellery, architecture, furniture and painting, making it perhaps the most thrilling example of a 20th century design movement.

Art Deco Fashion Jewellery Trends

Art Deco’s melting pot of influences, like the arrival of skyscrapers, faster trains, globalisation and even the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, all had a role to play in shaping Art Deco jewellery.
Art Deco Engagement Rings in the Cluster Style - London Victorian Ring UK A trio of Art Deco-inspired cluster diamond rings, including one set with amethyst.
However, it was the iconic sleeveless flapper dress of the age that pushed jewellery in new directions, with bold cuffs, long sautoir chain necklaces and clip brooches proving the ideal adornment.

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This symbiotic connection between fashion and jewellery is not just restricted to the early 20th century. Throughout history, fashion dictated where, when and how jewellery should be worn, whether as a buckle on a waist cinching belt, as a breast-plate on a corset or as a sparkling diadem. Journey back to the ancient Romans and you will find the fibula – a type of brooch, whether simple or decorative, designed to keep draped cloaks securely fastened. In the 17th century, dark fabrics gave way to new pastel-toned materials that hastened a shift towards pale gemstones and pearls.

Georgian Fashion Jewellery Trends

By the dawn of the Georgian era (1714 to 1830), deeper necklines and ceiling-skimming hairstyles resulted in a new wave of earrings known as girandoles. These chandelier-like designs were also partly a reaction to better quality candles entering the market – for the wealthy elites who could afford them, only the shimmering light of faceted gems could bounce candlelight perfectly around a lady’s made-up face.

Victorian Fashion Jewellery Trends

Historically, jewellery trends have not just been influenced by fashion, but also notable people. Queen Victoria’s many years of mourning her beloved Prince Albert led to the rise of sentimental mourning jewellery, often containing a strand of hair.
Unusual Coloured Gemstones and Diamond Rings - London Victorian Ring UK A Victorian style 'Regard Ring' (left) and an unusual 'Dearest Ring' - both pieces use diamonds and gemstones to spell out the words 'regard' and 'dearest' as a token of love from the giver to the recipient. 
Queen Victoria’s locket bracelet, containing pictures of her nine children, also resulted in a surging market for similar pieces throughout her reign.

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Edwardian Fashion Jewellery Trends

From the moment of mass industrialisation and manufacture, jewellery was destined to become less about personal choice and bespoke creation and more about buying off-the-shelf. However, when Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII inherited the throne (1901-1910), his desire for the finer things caused him to reject this machine-age and seek out more classical, handmade creations.

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The Edwardian or La Belle Époque design style is inspired by this spirit of retracing the past, with opulent dresses matched with elaborate hair ornaments, chokers and beautiful platinum. Parisian architecture and the decadent Palace of Versailles also shaped jewellery trends, as did Art Nouveau with its eccentric designs inspired by flowers, mystical creatures and woodland animals.

Contemporary Jewellery Trends

Even today, jewellery takes many of its cues from fashion. As jewel tones sweep the catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan, richly-toned emerald, ruby and amethyst ring designs hit the shelves. There has also been an exciting shift towards unusual engagement rings that allow individuals to express their own unique personalities.
Bespoke Engagement Rings - London Victorian Ring UK A trio of bespoke engagement rings created for brides to be.

Contemporary Bridal Jewellery Trends

The rise of rose gold, halo-style engagement rings and fancy-cut diamonds reflect a 21st century obsession with telling a personal story through jewellery. In this regard, we are lucky enough to be inspired not only fashion, but also culture, technology, social media and everything in between. Discover our full range of vintage engagement rings inspired by the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras today. If you would like to create your own bespoke engagement ring, please contact us.

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How Does Fashion Influence Jewellery Trends