Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires make a distinctive choice for engagement or special occasion rings. If you adore classic precious gemstones and glorious colours, you might find your perfect piece in our collection of sapphire engagement rings.

Our sapphire rings are available in a rainbow of colours, but blue sapphire is their most famous and beloved. This colour even gives the stone its name; the word sapphire comes from the Greek "sapheiros" and the Latin "saphirus", meaning blue. With an irresistible palette of shades, there is a sapphire ring for everyone, whether you fall for vibrant pink sapphire engagement rings or timeless blue sapphire and diamond.

Many of the sapphire engagement rings on this page are available for immediate purchase, and you can view our collection of vintage-style sapphire rings in Hatton Garden, London, UK.

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Sapphire Engagement Rings Collection
Art Deco yellow sapphire cluster ringVintage yellow sapphire halo cluster ring

Yellow Sapphire Halo Cluster Ring

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When choosing a sapphire ring, colour is usually the first consideration. Of course, blue is the most popular and well-known of the sapphire colours, but the gemstone also comes in an array of beautiful hues.

Sapphire is made from the naturally colourless mineral corundum. When traces of other elements are introduced as the gem is forming, the sapphire takes on colour. A classic blue sapphire is the result of titanium and iron.

Any shade other than blue is known as a 'fancy colour', including pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet. However, the only colour a sapphire does not come in is red because red corundum is ruby. The colour you choose for your ring is very personal. For example, a green or blue sapphire makes for a versatile engagement ring that pairs effortlessly with any look. Or consider a teal or purple sapphire for a genuinely unusual engagement ring.

Blue sapphires come in various shades, from cornflower to royal blue. Our blue sapphire rings are often set with a rich, royal blue colour - but we can make any ring design in the shade you choose. Colour is an essential factor in determining a stone's value. For example, the depth of colour seen in a blue sapphire varies from a light, delicate shade to an intense, velvety blue. The most valuable sapphires will have strong colour saturation and even colour across the stone. It is common for sapphires to be heat treated to bring out the best of the stone's natural colour. Heating is a permanent treatment done for hundreds of years and does not affect the integrity of the stone. When choosing your sapphire ring, personal preference is an essential factor. This gemstone offers a stunning rainbow of choice, from classic blue sapphire rings to joyful yellow sapphire engagement rings.

Clarity and Cut

While sapphires are generally less included than emeralds or rubies, most stones will have some form of inclusion, such as needles or small crystals. Thanks to the stone's colour, such inclusions are often unnoticeable. An 'eye-clean' sapphire, with no visible inclusions to the naked eye, is beautiful and of excellent value. However, a heavily included sapphire may appear cloudy or lifeless and can affect its durability, so we offer only eye-clean stones in our sapphire rings.

A sapphire is cut to showcase the individual stone's best qualities. A skilled gem cutter will consider the natural rough crystal shape, inclusions and colour saturation to achieve the best final appearance and proportions. Sapphires are often found in oval or cushion cuts, maximising the size of the finished stone. Although one of the most popular shapes, round sapphire rings are slightly more expensive per carat because they require a larger piece of rough material.

Sapphire rings are most often set with facet-cut stones. This cutting style creates incredible sparkle and shows off the vibrancy and brilliance of this coloured stone.


Sapphires can range in size from small melee stones to large gems of multiple carats, with size measured in both mm and carat weight. As sapphires have a greater density than diamonds, a sapphire of the same physical size will be a higher carat weight.

Thanks to their vibrant colour, sapphires are striking even in smaller sizes. A small sapphire can show deep and distinct colours. If you favour an understated look, choose from vintage-style sapphire engagement rings, or solitaire sapphire rings with diamond shoulders. A large sapphire ring makes a beautiful engagement or statement cocktail ring. In addition, you can maximise the appearance of your sapphire engagement ring with a sparkling diamond halo or cluster, a classic pairing.


Sapphires are found in numerous locations across the world. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kasmir, and Madagascar are considered to produce some of the most beautiful sapphires. We choose sapphires predominately from Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon sapphires. Stones from Sri Lanka are highly prized for their beautiful royal blue hue and excellent clarity.


There is no standard grading system for sapphires. There are many variables when assessing the value and desirability of a coloured stone, coming down to a unique balance of size, clarity, colour, and cut. We carefully select all of our sapphires on quality and beauty, offering our sapphire rings in a range of colours and shapes in eye-clean clarity. Our rings are designed to show off beautiful stones. Hand-selected gemstones are at the heart of each timeless style, from sapphire and diamond rings to vintage sapphire engagement rings.

Frequently asked Questions

Sapphires are a popular engagement ring choice, beloved across history and the most popular choice worldwide for a coloured gemstone ring.

The engagement ring given to Princess Diana is perhaps the most famous, now belonging to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. This versatile stone looks incredible in vintage and more contemporary styles and is a perfect option for people who love a touch of colour in their jewellery.

Traditionally symbolising truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, sapphires are a timeless symbol of love and loyalty. 

For those born or married in September, sapphire has dual significance as the birthstone for this month.

If you're worried that sapphire will not be as durable as a diamond, let us reassure you. No gemstone is as hard as a diamond, rated ten on the Mohs scale of hardness. But with a score of 9, sapphires are close behind.

Following our gemstone care guide, good quality sapphires like ours are perfect for wearing daily. Your sapphire ring should last a lifetime - and become an heirloom of the future.