Eternity Rings

An eternity ring placed upon the finger of a loved one has long been a symbol of boundless love and devotion. Eternity rings make an ideal wedding band, a gift to celebrate the birth of a child or a tenth wedding anniversary present.

Eternity rings are often gifts and represent a physical symbol of everlasting love and devotion - the circle shape of the ring hints at the perpetual circle of life. In addition, the sentimental connotations of the ladies' eternity ring make it an ideal token for celebrating life's significant milestones.

Eternity Rings
Vintage style diamond eternity ringFull diamond eternity ring platinum milgrain

Vintage Style Diamond Band in Platinum

From £1,720 - 7511DWRPL
Shaped full diamond eternity ringCurved diamond full eternity ring

Shaped Full Eternity Ring with Diamonds

From £1,680 - 3914ETFD-CURPL
Scroll patterned wedding ringsVintage engraved diamond wedding ring

Ornate Hand Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring

From £1,580 - 3651DWR-ENGPL
Diamond five stone half eternity ringFive stone diamond half eternity ring platinum

Five Stone Diamond Band in Platinum

From £3,550 - 87012DPL

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are often gifts and represent a physical symbol of everlasting love and devotion - the circle shape of the ring hints at the perpetual circle of life. In addition, the sentimental connotations of the ladies' eternity ring make it an ideal token for celebrating life's significant milestones.

When did eternity rings become popular?

The fashion for a diamond ring with gemstones encircling the finger can be dated back to King George III of England and his wife, Charlotte. Upon their wedding day on 8 September 1761, the King gifted his new bride a suite of jewellery, including "'a diamond hoop ring of a size not to stand higher than the wedding ring, to which it was to serve as a guard." Charlotte Papendiek recorded, "On that finger, the Queen never allowed herself to wear any other in addition, although fashion at times almost demanded it." This band encircled with diamonds would sow seeds of the modern diamond eternity ring for women we know and love today.

Victorian eternity rings

Throughout the 18th century and into the Victorian era, gold eternity rings were known as a 'keeper' or guard ring. Ladies would wear the encrusted band with a diamond engagement ring to keep the latter in place. Many Victorian eternity bands feature gemstones, diamonds, or a combination of the two set in yellow gold.

Edwardian eternity rings

A new, untarnishable, white metal emerged in the late 19th century. Platinum would become a favoured choice for the delicate work of vintage diamond eternity bands due to its strength, malleability and brilliant white colour. Edwardian styles quickly adopted the white metal that perfectly complemented glittering diamonds. Platinum eternity rings were the perfect addition to the elegant garland-style jewellery of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Art Deco eternity rings

Geometry and colour were what the Art Deco period was all about. Art Deco eternity rings featured bold coloured gemstones like sapphire, ruby and emerald and used unique cuts to showcase striking geometric patterns. In addition, the fashion for stacked bracelets and bangles made its way to the hands, with stackable eternity rings and triple-hoop diamond rings.

Modern eternity rings

The idea of having diamonds set 360 degrees around the band saw a resurgence of popularity when DeBeers reintroduced the style in the 1960s. The contemporary eternity ring consisted of up to 25 diamonds set so that no matter which way the ring turned, the glittering effect was the same: a ring that would sparkle with eternal love.

What are the Different Types of Eternity Rings?

The diamond eternity ring may seem like a simple design, but it has endless possibilities. By selecting the precious metal and the shape and size of the stones, and setting style, you can customise bespoke eternity rings and make it your own.

Full Eternity

Full eternity rings feature diamonds that go all the way around the ring. The stones used in eternity rings are usually uniform in size and shape. The 360-degree setting means that the diamonds will always be visible no matter which way the ring turns on your finger. Because of the way diamond eternity rings are set, they may not be able to be resized. Please confirm your ring size before ordering full eternity rings.

Half Eternity

Half eternity rings offer an alternative to the traditional style. Eternity bands with diamonds set across the top half of the ring can easily be resized, unlike the full eternity ring. Half eternity rings also offer a cost-effective option that has the look of an eternity ring without the cost of additional diamonds.

Curved and Wishbone Eternity

Curved eternity rings and wishbone or v-shaped eternity rings make an ideal addition to any wedding stack. With their unusual shape, these unique eternity rings allow engagement rings with large settings to fit flush together. For an eye-catching look, why not get two curved eternity rings, one to wear on each side of your engagement ring?

How to Choose an Eternity Ring That Is Right for You

Most wear their eternity rings with their engagement ring, so it is good to use them as a style guide. It is always best to match metals, so if you have a yellow gold engagement ring, it is best to pair it with a yellow gold eternity ring. Next, look at the setting style of your engagement ring and try to find a similarly designed eternity band. Does it have pave set diamonds or millegrain detail? If so, you may want to select a pave set eternity ring or one with millegrain.

Stackable Eternity Rings

Ultimately, the eternity ring is a symbol of love. It can be worn on any finger and offered anytime by a man or woman. So why stop at just one? Instead, bring colour and variety to each finger. Stackable diamond eternity rings can represent each important milestone in your lives together.

Discover our full range of vintage style and modern eternity rings online and in-house in London. If you have been searching for a ring that is as unique as you, get in touch about creating your own bespoke eternity ring.

Frequently asked Questions

Eternity rings are a physical symbol of everlasting love and boundless devotion. The shape of the eternity ring also alludes to the perpetual circle of life. The sentimental connotations of the eternity ring make it an ideal token for celebrating life's significant milestones.

Although there is no definitive rule for which finger an eternity ring should be worn on, most wear it on the fourth finger, or ring finger, of their left hand. Traditionally, the wedding ring would be worn first, then the engagement ring, followed on the finger by the eternity ring. The predecessor to the eternity ring, known as a keeper, or guard ring, would be worn in addition to an engagement ring, and thus eternity rings have followed in the same fashion. Eternity rings are easily stackable, making them ideal for wearing with your engagement ring.

With its symbolic meaning, eternity rings are often gifted on special occasions such as the birth of a child or a tenth wedding anniversary. Eternity rings make for the perfect wedding ring or sentimental gift. Many couples choose to commemorate special milestones with the gift of an eternity ring.

Eternity rings can be made up of different numbers of stones, depending on the style and ring size. Some half eternity rings can contain as few as five stones. Full eternity rings can feature 25 or more diamonds, especially if the diamonds are small.