Ed and Kelly's Proposal

Ed visited us earlier this year to find the perfect engagement ring. We are delighted to share Ed and Kelly's proposal story told in Kelly's words. "Ed and I went to school together. We didn't really know each other until we had A level Psychology class and were placed in the same group together. It wasn't until Ed moved 165 miles North and 4 years later that he made his move! We were in Tuscany in Italy visiting friends and unbeknownst to me Ed had planned to propose. He kept the ring on him at all times. Every photo we took of our holiday he was worried I would feel the ring box inside his coat pocket. On the third day, we visited a gorgeous walled town called Anghiari at dusk. Ed had asked our friends to point out the most romantic spot for a proposal. I was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. As we were walking around each potential proposal spot, I ended up ruining the moment by either pointing at a cat and running after it or just being silly! Finally, Ed found a little quiet tucked away spot. There was a romantic wooden door covered in flowers and scattered little plant pots and beautiful views across Tuscanny. Our friends asked us to "pose for a photo" and at that moment, Ed asked me to marry him and even got down on one knee. Of course, I said yes! I was so shocked at how he had picked out such a beautiful and unique ring all on his own. I couldn't believe how much it was sparkling even in such dim lights. I really couldn't have chosen better myself." Images by Danny Rothschild Tuscannyproposal2 Tuscannyproposal1 Tuscannyproposal3
Proposal story in Tuscanny Floral vintage engagement ring in Italy