Women's Vintage Wedding Rings

People have been using rings for thousands of years as a physical symbol of love and commitment between two people. This intimate piece of jewellery retains its potent symbolism today as a talisman of love.

Created in a wide variety of unique styles for every taste, our wedding ring collection is designed to complement both antique and contemporary engagement rings.

Engraved wedding rings made in Britain by London jewellers.
Patterned Hand-Engraved Paisley Wedding Ring Yellow GoldEngraved patterned yellow gold wedding band

Engraved Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

£1,200 - 7017WR-ENG-YG
Patterned Wedding Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold

Patterned Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

£1,050 - 7016WR-ENG-YG

Early Wedding Rings

One of the earliest recorded societies to use wedding rings were the ancient Egyptians. Rings offered an accessory representing the eternal: a perfect circle with no beginning or end. After Alexander the Great overtook Egypt, the Greeks adopted the tradition of exchanging rings as symbols of love.  Depictions of Eros, the god of love, and inscriptions added to the ring’s romantic significance. The Romans cemented the tradition by exchanging copper or iron rings during marriage ceremonies and placing the rings on the second to last finger of the left hand. This finger was believed to contain the “vein of love” or “vena amoris” which flowed directly to one’s heart. At this time, gold rings were luxurious objects only available to the wealthiest classes of society.

Gemstone Wedding Rings

Decorated rings saw a surge in popularity in the Middle Ages. Rings set with gemstones were thought to bring properties to the wearer, such as rubies to ignite passions or sapphires embody steadfast strength. During this period, lovers would wear bands during their engagement period. These rings, sometimes referred to as posy rings, were often inscribed on either side of the band with messages of love and devotion. In the Victorian period, these engraved messages were adapted to the Language of Flowers and gemstones. 

Diamond Wedding Rings

With their incredible hardness, diamonds have long been symbols of strength and longevity— with the first recorded diamond wedding ring dating to the 15th century. Queen Victoria’s penchant for diamonds increased their popularity as the primary stone for wedding rings throughout the 19th century. Today diamond wedding rings are commonly worn by both men and women alike. A potent symbol of everlasting love, they are highly adaptable to a wide variety of styles, from classic to unusual. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer bold brilliance or understated sparkle, diamonds offer the ideal choice for adorning your wedding ring.

Unique Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage style wedding rings come in various styles that feature hand engraved designs and diamond set bands with millegrain edging. Low set halo engagement rings often suit a curved wedding ring. We have many gently shaped wedding rings with curves to accommodate your engagement ring to give you a wedding ring set.

If you prefer matched wedding ring sets to complement your partner, we offer pairs of his and hers wedding rings. Are you looking for a ring with unusual vintage detail? Why not opt for one of our patterned wedding ring designs. Their subtle patterns catch the lights and add intrigue. Explore our collection of vintage wedding rings for sale to find the perfect style for you. We’re available online or by appointment at our Hatton Garden premises.

Commission a Wedding Ring

Prefer an unusual bespoke wedding ring? Our goldsmiths are experts at their craft and can adapt many of our designs to your specifications or create the wholly bespoke ring of your dreams. All of our vintage wedding and engagement rings are proudly British made in our Hatton Garden workshop. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or call 020 7193 4412 to make an appointment.

Frequently asked Questions

Vintage is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of styles. The term vintage usually refers to an item 40 years or older, whereas antique items are 100 years old or more.  Our vintage-inspired wedding rings are handcrafted and modelled after a variety of authentic vintage and antique styles from Victorian to Edwardian and Art Deco, each with its own distinctive charm.

Wedding rings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular choice are plain wedding rings, available in a variety of metals and widths. Diamond wedding rings can add a dash of sparkle. If you are looking for a unique wedding ring, patterned hand engraved bands make an eye-catching choice. 

Many couples choose to engrave their wedding rings with the date of their nuptials, a favourite phrase, their partner’s names or initials. Some couples also combine their initials to create their own monogram. All of our inscriptions are expertly hand engraved by our skilled engraver in Hatton Garden.

Yes! You do not need to be bound by words for your wedding ring inscription. Our hand engraver can engrave your wedding ring with the symbol of your choice. Why not opt for a meaningful flower, like the rose which represents everlasting love, or the tulip which represents unconditional love.