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Tax Free Shopping

The London Victorian Ring Co. operates the VAT Retail Export Scheme (VAT 407) also known as the Tax Free Shopping Scheme. If you are an international visitor purchasing jewellery in person only, you may be eligible for the Tax Free Shopping Scheme, which allows visitors leaving the European Union to receive a VAT refund on items purchased in the UK.

When you collect your item from us you will pay the UK sales tax as part of the purchasing price. We will jointly fill out the VAT retail export form when you collect your item. Please bring your passport with you.

Please note that the person purchasing the item must be the same person exporting the item through UK Customs.

Your VAT retail export form will need to be stamped and signed by a Customs official when exiting either the UK or EU. You will need proof of purchase at Customs.

When we receive the returned signed and stamped VAT retail export form, we will reimburse the VAT either by cheque or payment card. If the payment was made on the internet by either credit or debit card, the VAT will be refunded to the same card. If the payment is made in person using either a credit or debit card, then the refund can only be made if the cardholder and card are present. We do not charge a retailers fee to reimburse the VAT.

This government scheme is only valid for customers purchasing or collecting their item of jewellery:

(a) in person

(b) exiting the EU by the end of the third month you purchased your item and

(c) for those leaving the EU for at least 12 months.

Please see the HM Revenue & Customs website to check you are eligible for Tax Free Shopping.