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  • London Victorian Ring Company Royal Wedding Bridal Musings London Marriage Proposals in the Royal Parks

    May, 2018

    With all the attention on the Royal Wedding lately, and with the wonderful wedding shoot featured on Wedding Chicks, our minds have turned to the beautiful Royal Parks of London. Each park has a unique landscape, shaped by history, and provides a beautiful and special backdrop to a marriage proposal. Images from Wedding Chicks, photography by¬†Cecelina Photography. Featuring our engagement ring 3612 and wedding ring¬†3634…

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  • Choosing an engagement ring How to Choose an Engagement Ring without Your Partner

    October, 2016

    You know this is the girl for you and now the search for the perfect engagement ring begins. How to begin? You might be one of the lucky ones whose girlfriend has told you the ring she wants or you might have to do more research to find the perfect ring. Has your girlfriend given you any hints? Would your girlfriend like a diamond engagement…

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