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  • Platinum or Gold? How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

    May, 2019

    Want to know whether platinum or gold will suit you best for your engagement ring? Discover our guide. Choosing A Gold Engagement Ring Throughout history, the sunshine-yellow hue of gold has symbolised wealth, power and status. Over many centuries and with the advancing technologies, yellow gold has been transformed into white gold and rose gold using alloys. Multiple purities have been created including 9ct, 18ct…

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  • How Does Fashion Influence Jewellery Trends?

    April, 2019

    As the ultimate accessory, jewellery has always had a special relationship with necklines, hemlines and everything in-between. As the First World War came to an end, the arrival of the 1920s offered a sense of hope and optimism for Europe. The feeling that the world was stepping into a new, more modern future was captured by Art Deco, which was first established in Paris in…

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  • Scalloped Diamond Full Eternity Rings An Essential Guide to Eternity Rings

    December, 2018

    Celebrate a partnership that lasts with a beautiful eternity ring – a symbol of timeless love and devotion. When Did Eternity Rings Become Popular? Since antiquity, we have been placing a ring, that which has no beginning or end, on the finger of a loved one as a symbol of our boundless devotion. However, it was in 1761, when King George III of England gifted…

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  • Emerald Cut Diamond Shape Emerald Cut Diamonds

    April, 2016

    History and Development The emerald cut is a rectangular diamond shape with an eight-sided outline. The name comes from the style of cutting often used for emerald gemstones, part of the beryl mineral family to which aquamarines also belong. The journey to establish the cut began with a simple table cut through to the step cut or trap cut (see diagrams below). These early cuts were…

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