An Essential Guide to Eternity Rings

Celebrate a partnership that lasts with a beautiful eternity ring – a symbol of timeless love and devotion.

When Did Eternity Rings Become Popular?

Since antiquity, we have been placing a ring, that which has no beginning or end, on the finger of a loved one as a symbol of our boundless devotion. However, it was in 1761, when King George III of England gifted his bride, Queen Charlotte, with a band encircled with diamonds, that the seeds of the modern diamond eternity ring were sown.

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How Did Eternity Rings Evolve?

Despite being an uncomplicated design, the classic eternity ring (a band of precious metal set with a continuous row of gemstones) found its way into bridal fashions. From the 1800s and through into the Victorian era, it was known as the ‘keeper’ or guard ring – a band that could be slipped on after a more elaborate diamond engagement ring to keep the latter in place.

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By the late 19th century, jewellers had engineered a means of working platinum. This strong, crisp and malleable metal was a perfect support for a slim band of diamonds. The diamond eternity ring design flourished. A brilliant band of gems could be seen glinting on the finger of any adored Edwardian lady, and by the Art Deco period, a sapphire, ruby and diamond triple-hoop became the ring to catch the eye.

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However, the modern perception of diamond eternity rings, as a gift offered to a married woman on the occasion of an anniversary or birth of a child, was not created until the 1960s, when De Beers decided that the steadfast wife may need the occasional reminder that she was right to walk down the aisle.
Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold A striking aquamarine and diamond ring in 18ct yellow gold.
One of the slogans assigned to the campaign was ‘She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going’.

What are the Different Types of Eternity Ring?

The diamond eternity ring may be a simple design, but adjust the type of precious metal, the shape and size of the stones or the style of the setting and you can truly make it your own. Choose the twinkle of millegrain-set diamonds in platinum for an elegant Edwardian look, or a row of clean and geometric channel-set stones for an Art Deco influenced ring. Or, if you prefer a pop of ruby red or sapphire blue, there are beautiful gemstone eternity rings and alternating diamond and gemstone eternity rings to choose from.
Ruby Gemstone Eternity Ring in Platinum - London Victorian Ring UK A beautiful ruby eternity ring in platinum.
The half eternity ring is also an alternative, consisting of a row of gems covering half of the band. The benefit of the diamond half eternity ring is that its size can easily be altered as your fingers change with time, unlike the full eternity ring. With this classic jewellery piece, every taste can be accounted for.

How to Choose an Eternity Ring That Is Right for You

If eternity rings are to be worn in line with tradition, between your engagement ring and wedding band, you may choose to match it to the style of these rings, whether that's through metal type, gemstone or shape.

Scalloped Diamond Half Eternity Wedding Ring in Platinum Scalloped diamond full eternity ring in platinum.

For example, an 18ct yellow gold eternity ring will perfectly accompany a yellow gold engagement ring and wedding band, while a princess-cut diamond eternity ring would be the ideal choice to match a princess-cut solitaire engagement ring. You may also wish to consider shaped eternity rings, which match the contours of your existing bridal jewellery, or a vintage style that is in-keeping with a Victorian or Edwardian engagement ring.

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Ultimately, the eternity ring is a symbol of love. It can be worn on any finger and offered at any time, by man or woman. And why stop at one? Why not bring colour and variety to each finger? Or stack them to represent the milestones in your lives together? Eternity is a long time. Why not enjoy it? Discover our full range of gemstone and diamond eternity rings, including vintage and contemporary styles today. If you would like to create your own bespoke ring, please contact us.

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